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The Angie & Avery Foundation Inc. provides toiletries, food, Christmas gifts, winter clothing, & back to school supplies to those in need. We will also produce annual educational events such as Spelling Bee Competitions, Space Exhibitions, & Family gatherings. The foundation will also provide opportunities to showcase local talent by producing annual fashion shows & musicals. The Angie & Avery Foundation Inc also plans to provide scholarships and legal information. In (2021) we served 25 children for Christmas and in (2022) we doubled that number to 50 children. 

The Angie & Avery Foundation is now preparing for our Annual Spelling Bee Competition for grades 5th-8th. We are requesting the following from sponsors….venue spaces to hold our events, decorations, scholarship funding, office supplies & equipment, DJ, entertainers,  motivational speakers, dance floor, staging, runway, lighting, musical screenplay, models, actors, designers, toiletries, packaging, back to school supplies, products for giveaways & Raffles, interactive activities such as (VR/craft/games), photographers, videographers, social photo booth, caterers & monetary donations.

To solidify our partnership, we ask that you click the link, fill out & submit. Thank you for your consideration and your commitment to The Angie & Avery Foundation. We are so excited to embark on this journey with you.

Thanks for your volunteer submission!

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